Sesso Amore e Disabilità

The Project

“Sex, Love & Disability” (in Italian ‘Sesso, Amore & Disabilità’) is a documentary film (105’ duration) in the form of a narrative based on a number of interviews.

People with different types of disability speak about their life as singles or couples, their past experience and future expectations. Through their own words, their friends and family members we get to know about their story, how they experience sexuality and love, the problems they have to face and the solutions they adopt. These stories alternate with short presentations and comments by experts in the fields of health, psychology and care.

The project was carried out in Italy, from north to south, involving men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals, of every age, relational status, with physical and sensory disabilities alike.


The sexual and affective life of disabled people is a taboo subject, generating embarrassment, misunderstanding and prejudice.

We believe that such an attitude must be changed and that it is important to openly address these subjects. That is why we decided to make a documentary film, giving voice directly to the people with physical and sensory disability, for a frank account of what it means for disabled people to come to terms with their sexuality and affective relationships.


The project started in 2010 and it is now available in DVD.

It includes more than thirty interviews, collected from the north to the south of Italy, involving people with very diverse experience.

Some trailers of the film in Italian are available HERE:




Authors: Adriano Silanus, Priscilla Berardi, Raffaele Lelleri, Valeria Alpi, Jonathan Mastellari

Filming and editing:          Adriano Silanus

Scientific supervision:       Priscilla Berardi

Duration:                  105 minutes, color 16:9

Sound track:             Luca Cresta, Claudio Pacini, Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi

Subtitles:                  Italian, English, French, Spanish


Audiodescription (in Italian): CulturAbile.

Produced by              B.V.Bo. Biblioteca Vivente Bologna

Available format:    DVD – (Blu-Ray upon request)

A project by Biblioteca Vivente Bologna, in collaboration with the associations CDH (Centro Documentazione Handicap) of Bologna and Equality Italia, under the auspices of the regional authorities Regione Toscana, Regione Veneto, the provincial authorities of Ferrara, Genoa, Gorizia, Macerata, Milan, and the municipal authorities of Felizzano (AL), Bologna, Naples, Sassari, Udine, Venice, and the Rehabilitation Clinic of Montecatone (Imola, Bologna). The project has also been named “significant initiative within the activities to prevent and contrast discrimination” by the National Office Against Racial Discrimination (UNAR) of the Presidency of Italy’s Council of Ministers.

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